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  1. Teergear67

    Masonic Charity

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  2. Teergear67

    Law enforcement

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  3. Teergear67


    We are doing an EA Degree Wednesday night, come join us
  4. Teergear67


    Very informative William R Teer Sr
  5. Teergear67

    Masonic Tattoo

    Nice work William R Teer Sr
  6. Teergear67

    Dues--What's too low and what's too high?

    We voted to raise ours this year to $110. That's less than $10 a month.. I spend that going thru the drive thru for a burger meal. William R Teer Sr
  7. Teergear67

    Brothers on PSN.

    PSN: teergear Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  8. Teergear67

    Masonic Emblems

    That's us Texans :0) I did the same two days ago, she had already called a wrecker tho William R Teer Sr
  9. Teergear67

    Masonic Emblems

    William R Teer Sr
  10. Teergear67

    Masonic Emblems

    I'm in Texas, I have the S & C emblem On my way! both my truck & my wife's car. I also have an ARMY decal on the bumper & the A is the S & C. It's ok to advertise. My Freemasonry HD
  11. Teergear67

    Masonic websites:

    Great websites!!! My Freemasonry HD
  12. Teergear67

    Masonic websites:

    The best one I found was It has everything to help you design a website.. William R Teer Sr
  13. Teergear67

    Masonic websites:

    Nice website... I like to see what others look like for ideas My Freemasonry HD
  14. Teergear67

    Brothers on PSN.

    I've reserved a PS4... Not buying another PS3 game. The last if us was great, but continued to freeze on my 1st Gen PS3 William R Teer Sr
  15. Teergear67

    Masonic websites: William R Teer Sr
  16. Teergear67


    Welcome William R Teer Sr
  17. Teergear67

    Dating an Eastern Star..

    My wife & I are both members of the Eastern Star.. It's nice being a member & going with her. William R Teer Sr
  18. Teergear67

    The Name Game

    George Strait William R Teer Sr
  19. Teergear67

    My petition was accepted

    Just be yourself, it's what's on the inside they are looking for. William R Teer Sr
  20. Teergear67

    What is going on?

    Freemasons are also spoke of in Assassins creed III if they play video games. William R Teer Sr