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  1. gld2333

    New member

    Welcome to MoT, brother.
  2. gld2333

    New Master Mason

    Thanks, brother. I encourage you to stay focused on your work.
  3. gld2333

    New Master Mason

    You will make it, brother. It is well worth the hard work.
  4. gld2333

    New Master Mason

    Hello Brethern: I was raised tonight to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason at Thomas B Hunter Lodge #1356 in Grand Prairie. It is an evening I will never forget.
  5. gld2333

    Here I am

    Welcome to the forum. Lubbock is where I was born.
  6. gld2333

    Shriners treatment

    Those pictures speak a lot in helping that family.
  7. gld2333

    Are you the First Mason in your family?

    I am the first Mason on either side of my family.
  8. gld2333

    Hello all!

    gld2333 Welcome to the forums. I have just started working on my EA. I am enjoying learning something new and then applying it to myself.
  9. gld2333

    new comer

    Welcome to MoT. Congradulations on becoming a mason. I just received my EA degree Sept. 15th from the Thomas Hunter lodge.
  10. gld2333

    EA Degree

    I just received my EA degree this evening at Thomas B Hunter Lodge #1356. I am now a member of my lodge. I am looking forward to working with my mentors. I am excited about seeking more Light and improving myself. Thanks to all my Brothers at the lodge for their time and help.
  11. gld2333

    Greetings from Grand Prairie, Texas

    It is nice to hear you are from Lubbock. I miss that West Texas hospitality. Thanks for the welcome. I am looking forward to visiting with you.
  12. gld2333

    Greetings from Grand Prairie, Texas

    Good morning Brother Stewart: Yes, my name is Gary Davis. I am from Lubbock, TX
  13. gld2333

    Greetings from Grand Prairie, Texas

    I am seeking to learn about Freemasonry. I am glad I found this web site. I have a strong desire to better myself. I have turned in my petition to Lodge #1356. I have met with some members of the lodge. I find them friendly and helpful. I personally know three masons from my church. I hope...