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  1. Phil P

    Back on this site

    Yeah been busy lately. I do 11-2 Tue-Sat and 330-630pm on Sunday doing Doordash. I'll be glad when we can do degrees again because I'm working on conferring an EA degree once we get clearance
  2. Phil P

    Back on this site

    Brethren: I know it's been a while since I've been on this site, so I thought I'd check in with y'all. Life has been very busy with doing Doordash part time in addition to family and of course my lodge. This past Masonic yr (July 2019 until next month) I have served as Tiler, my first office...
  3. Phil P

    Hadn't been on this site in a while as life has been busy with me doing Doordash. I'll try to be...

    Hadn't been on this site in a while as life has been busy with me doing Doordash. I'll try to be on her a little bit more
  4. Phil P

    Gulf Coast Court of Chevaliers Annual Meeting & Elections

    Brethren: As the time approaches for those DeMolays who hold the degree of Chevalier to observe the anniversary of the passing of our founder Frank Sherman Land on Nov 8. The Gulf Coast Court of Chevaliers which encompasses the greater Houston/Galveston area will be holding it's annual meeting...
  5. Phil P

    Can a MM join as a youth?

    This maybe something that ISC (International Supreme Council, aka DeMolay's governing body) may have to look into with most grand lodges having age of joining at 18
  6. Phil P

    Support Masonic Youth

    And THAT too also happens. Not just from Master Masons who were never DeMolays, but also from Sr DeMolays who are NOT Master Masons as well
  7. Phil P

    Support Masonic Youth with me now
  8. Phil P

    Support Masonic Youth

    Jurisdictional or State officer to be more precise. California is split into Northern & Southern Jurisdictions. Chapters from Bakersfield & South to the Mexican border are in Southern California, while Fresno area to the Oregon border are in Northern California (My home jurisdiction btw)...
  9. Phil P

    Support Masonic Youth

    As a Senior DeMolay myself, my own personal guess & from my observations is that most Senior DeMolays who DO join the lodge have been a jurisdictional officer before reaching majority. At least that's been my observation as an active DeMolay in the 80s & then an advisor in the 90s when I lived...
  10. Phil P

    DeMolay Structure

    There are really 2 major positions on an advisory board. That of the Council Chairman (who runs the advisory council), and the Chapter Advisor (The main "Counselor" to the Chapter members). Other advisory board members can be added on depending on the size of the chapter, such as membership...