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  1. Bro. ricardo hardy

    My emblems

    [QUOTE="Bro. ricardo hardy, post: 215058, Sent from my iPhone using My Freemasonry Mobile
  2. Bro. ricardo hardy

    My emblems

    Is it ok to still wear my emblems after my lodge has gone dark? Sent from my iPhone using My Freemasonry Mobile
  3. Bro. ricardo hardy

    Why do most want to be Freemason

    I became a Freemason nov.27, 1994 and it is the second best decision I have ever made. The first was making Jesus my personal savior. When I am not reading my Bible or praying or praising my God, I am into my Masonic study. It is the only other thing I have found that teaches the same moral...
  4. Bro. ricardo hardy


    Good luck on your journey, you will never regret it Freemason Connect Mobile
  5. Bro. ricardo hardy


    I agree with you brother.There are a lot of our brothers that do not understand they are on a beautiful journey that will last a lifetime. It is a shame that they miss out on it! Freemason Connect Mobile
  6. Bro. ricardo hardy

    Women Freemasons

    I feel that women should not be masons. There are other organizations out there for the woman to be a part of Freemason Connect Mobile
  7. Bro. ricardo hardy

    Do you wear your lambskin apron to lodge?

    I thought about hanging mine on the wall, but in my lodge we wear our lambskins to a brothers funeral Freemason Connect Mobile
  8. Bro. ricardo hardy

    How long have you been a Master Mason?

    Been a Master Mason 19 years on November 27 2013 Freemason Connect Mobile