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    Is there a proper way to list your masonic affiliation on your resume?

    How do you do it? Do you list the lodge name or the GLOT or some other phrasing?
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    Can you recite your obligation right now?

    That's the question. Can you recite your obligation correctly right now with no help? I confronted the brethren in lodge with this a few weeks ago. The results were disappointing.
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    Outburst in lodge!

    I've seen gentlemen meltdown in lodge on occasion. Almost always, there was personal gain involved or a preoccupation with creatively spending lodge funds. Of course, that is in conflict with our Obligation.
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    One End is another Beginning

    My last lodge as master will be next week. I will be happy when it is over. Then I can show up late, eat a free meal, sit in the gallery and crack jokes and offer creative ways to spend the lodge money. Sarcasm aside, I will have more time to pursue other Masonic training.
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    Lodge Politicians

    Our lodge has a progressive line. If you want to serve the lodge, you can ask to get in line and work your way through the chairs over several years. Usually, you prove yourself to be a leader and learn the ritual much better as you move up. Each brother in front of you has the opportunity...
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    Study techniques

    I think you will find that you remember better what your heard and repeated with your teacher. Here are some other tips that worked for me: When I left the lesson, I did NOT turn on my radio or phone. I drove to a quiet place, parked, and recited my work fo another 30 minutes or more. Then I...
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    Have you considered volunteering for a difficult task in the lodge? Ask to be made the Sr. Steward for the year. That will force the clique to acknowledge and communicate with you. Learn to confer and recite lectures and teach new masons. They can't ignore you if you are driving the bus.
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    Ever loan money to a brother?

    Well? A brother asked to borrow $500. I caved and loaned him $200. I don't expect to see it again. Do you think it's gone?
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    Can we benefit from this lesson?

    "The content of their character"
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    Membership and participation in Freemasonry today

    Re: Membership and participation in Freemasonry to I am not surprised that most of these comments seem to look backwards rather than forward. The ritual should be reinforced and preserved for everyone. But recruiting, investigating, training and retention should be changed to reflect the...
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    What to do when event turns anti-masonic

    Don't do anything. Your part is to maintain practice of your Masonic principles. You can't open the minds of those who are determined to be fools.
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    What do you tell your family and friend about your role in masonry?

    I have told my immediate family. But I have refrained from discussing masonry with friends or coworkers. I've had some strange reactions from people who I would have otherwise thought would be very understanding and enthusiastic. Now I am reluctant to invite men I respect, due to the possible...
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    From Galveston

    Bro hatless. If you turn the camera a little, it will straighten up the picture. No need to thank me for the tip. See you Thursday.
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    Dealing with lazy EA's

    I know that some of the younger EAs are a bit intinidated by the cranky old MMs. They look to us for guidance. I make clear to my students when I am available, how to communicate with me and what is "normal" in their studies. Then I suggest a schedule and confirm days and times. They really...
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    Acoustic Guitar Players?

    Talk to a guitar instructor. They have lots of experience with good and bad, expensive and cheap acoustic guitars. I would also advise, that what ever you buy, you take it to a qualified luthier to have a proper setup. You can thank me later.
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    What Masonic traditions can we bring back?

    I know this sounds kind of snarky. But perhaps we should all regularly review our obligation and decide if we are keeping our promises. I am observing far too much criticism of the brothers and not enough concern for their welfare (as an example). I take my obligation seriously; I wish all of...
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    Discovery Channel Programs

    This, along with details of the charitable operations of the different bodies.
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    What would you do?

    Thanks for your comments. I agree, the personal approach should be taken first. Thanks.
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    What would you do?

    What would you do if you observed a brother violating his obligation during lodge? Avoid him? Confront him? Ignore him? Is it generally ignored or do your lodges take it seriously enough to respond? This is more than a rhetorical question, but I appreciate your input.
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    Oh the French, they are a funny race...

    From one kitchen to another? No problem.