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    Master Craftsman Essays.

    Would everyone like a place to post our MCM I and II essays here to share with our bretheren?
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    Master Craftsman II!!!

    MCM II Quiz #3 and essays are in! I love this program. very thought provoking and it make you look at yourself in many different ways.
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    Visiting Prince Hall Lodges in other Jurisdictions

    As I said in another post, The Grand Lodge of Maryland have opend visitation between PHA and our lodges. We can now openly visit each others lodges. We are after all brothers. I guess until people can understand that we are not truly living up to the tenants of freemasonry.
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    How old is your Lodge?

    Friendship Lodge #84 Hagerstown Maryland, chartered in 1827. Newly chartered after the Mt Moriah Lodge was closed from the Anti Masonic movement of the period.
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    Prince Hall Visitation

    Maryland has just granted open visitation between the lodges. We no longer need to request permission through the Grand Lodges but just show up on the door step.
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    DeMoley for Master Masons

    The Grand Lodge of Maryland is sponsoring a program with DeMoley to confer the Demoley Degrees on Master Masons (Honorary) for those of us who did not have the pleasure of receiving them as young adults. The goal is to get more Master masons to get involved with the DeMoley. I believe I will...
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    Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Essays

    I just found out Arturo De Houyos is working on a Part two to the master craftsman program. From what I understand, you have to have completed the first program, it may have ten tests and at least two essays. This is still preliminary and I am sure this will change. I was told this in an...
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    International Order of Job's Daughters

    Well I know these protections are now in Place. I will be driving to Richmond Va. on Monday for 8 hours of trining at the Supreme Session in the Youth protection program. Then I have to submit paperwork for a background check. Maybe Job's Daughters can return to Texas.
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    International Order of Job's Daughters

    Well I beliee The International is now on board with this. I am required now to attend a Youthnprotection Program for 8 hours and send in my fingerprints for a background check. Looks Like the Jobies have come around
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    Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Essays

    Enjoy the program like I did!.
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    Master Craftsman

    check out the essay thread for some more insight
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    My wifes "No bake" cookies

    Brothers, This is one of my wifes signature recipies. She makes these and they always turn out great! If she wants something special done she always whips up a batch and she gets what she wants. Enjoy! 2 Cups Sugar ¼ cup Cocoa Powder ½ cup milk 1 stick butter 1 tsp vanilla pinch...
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    My spicey Kickin' chicken

    Some real Kickin’ Chicken 425 degree oven 8 Chicken Breasts- Whole or Cut 1 roll Ritz crackers 8-10 Tbs Chili Powder 2 Tbs Ground Cumin 1-1½ Tbs Cayenne Pepper 1 Tbs Crushed Red Pepper 2-3 Cloves Garlic- Finely Minced 1 Tbs Black Pepper 2 Cups Picante or Salsa-Your Heat...
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    Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Essays

    Essay #4 CHIVALRY – More than a code for the Knights of Old. Faith in God, Faith in Humanity, and Faith in Oneself are what distinguish Masons from those who would rather prey on society than build and support it. Charity for the poor, the infirmed, those in prison- the faults visible in...
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    The Roman Catholic Church and Freemasonry

    I copied this from another site and I thought this might be of interest to the group. The Catholic Church's Position on Freemasonry HISTORICAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND FREEMASONS - WHY ROMAN CATHOLICS ARE PROHIBITED BY THE CHURCH FROM BECOMING FREEMASONS. I would...
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    Knights of St. Andrew regalia

    well does any KSA organization use scottish atire?
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    International Order of Job's Daughters

    Are there any members who are associated with or have daughters in the IOJD? Can we get a forum on this Masonic body for girls which is similar to Rainbow girls but requires a masonic heritage associated with the girls.
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    Taking the Plunge Too

    I began my Journey in The York Rite and I received my Mark master degree last week! It was well done and very informative.