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  1. amaya14

    York Rite or Scottish Rite

    Thank you brothers for the light and guide. I will search and bring more light in my juerney
  2. amaya14

    York Rite or Scottish Rite

    Thank you Brother crono782, I will continue in the blue lodge to form my foundation, thats was my intend so I can move to the other bodies
  3. amaya14

    York Rite or Scottish Rite

    can any of you Brothers can direct me in to which rite will I have the more light in masonry, I understand that both are great bodies but I keep hearing that in the scottish Rite is the party rite, but I know you also get more light than just party. I also know that this rite has knights but...
  4. amaya14

    The Sublime Degree

    Congratsulations It is wonderful experience to go trough, brother. This is where the farther learning beging for all of us and continue until we passed. Once again, congrats, brother
  5. amaya14

    The Great Masonic Challenge

    This is great pointwithinacircle2. with your permision I will use some of your training and hope to bring back some of our absent brothers to my lodge. Thank you great tools
  6. amaya14

    Little Jimmy

    Thank You Masterbulldaw
  7. amaya14

    Little Jimmy

    when did he passed? this is news to me
  8. amaya14

    King Solomon's Quarries

    I would like to go visit anything related of our Ancient world, and pin point our history
  9. amaya14

    Why is it called a Blue Lodge?

    Thank you brother, great educational for mr also being a new MM as well.. hope this will help to bring back the upsent brothers in the lodge that only want to get the title and not support their blue lodge where they were raised..
  10. amaya14

    Any mason from El Salvador

    I am reaching out for any masons from el salvador that can give me any information or where I can find on line of any masonic temple in El Salvador or masonic history in El Salvador
  11. amaya14

    Lodge Officer Duties - Senior Steward

    Thank you, brothers, this is so helpful information a newlly apointed SS
  12. amaya14

    How long is your lodge process for being Entered,Raised and Past

    it took me 5 month but it would have been 6 if one of the our brother was not ready for the second degree and I took his place. but yes the avarage is six months
  13. amaya14

    Surprise!! You're elected to S.D.

    Congrats to those new selected Officers. I wa salso was selected as the SS for this new year 2015, as SS I know I will learn more than just sit on the side line and been active in the ceremony its a better way to learn and become familirized with the rituals. so yes I am also excited to begin...
  14. amaya14

    Born in blood

    Brothers, Great information, once I am MM i will seek this body and lean more about the knight in the York rite.
  15. amaya14


    It's great to hear beautiful words and I am now ready for MM
  16. amaya14

    i want to be a mason and i dont know how to become one

    I in Afghanistan, just like you NobleNick, I also would like to joint. I met a Sir Knight while here and the appealing way he addressed it to me was impressive I became interested to know more about it, and eventually I will joint. There is no one in my family have ever been a mason. Once I get...