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  1. thor9541

    Finally throwing in the towel

    After much prayer and thought I'm now concidering leaving the masonic fold. I'll always be a mason because of my obligation, but frankly in my lodge its now a waste of time that can be spent with my family. I joined under the assumption that it would make me a better man but instead its making...
  2. thor9541

    tax question

    If we are a 501 3 c non profit organization can I claim dues and ext on taxes ?
  3. thor9541

    Greetings from DFW, TX

    Congrats!!!! Remember Bro. Caution,be cautious , you just enough to get yourself in trouble but not nearly enough to get out .
  4. thor9541

    Prayer request

    Please keep me lifted in prayer need somethings worked out in my home.
  5. thor9541

    I'm a father!

    happy I thought I knew love and happiness but, none of it compares to now
  6. thor9541

    I'm a father!

    I became the father of a beautiful baby girl this Sunday. can you say proud father!
  7. thor9541

    why all the confusion ?

    great post I'm a newly raised Bro about a year or so but I totally agree with the questions presented. I often state when a mason stops seeking praise and glory for himself the fraternity can prevail. There are lodges that meet at our lodge and they don't have enough to open on the third degree...
  8. thor9541

    Another honor bestowed

    If its will and pleasure of the order Thanks to all the brother for you well wishes and Bro. Stewart if the order sees fit we shall
  9. thor9541

    Another honor bestowed

    I would like to thank the Brothers and Sisters oh Pride of Hollywood OES chapter#56 PHA for nominating me as WP in which I declined out of respect and for electing me your associate Patron for 2012
  10. thor9541

    Women Freemasons

    Not so! Sir ,God never made man and women equal pick up any Holy book of scripture and share that with me.
  11. thor9541

    Hold on tight, this could get bumpy!

    Wow!!! Speechless
  12. thor9541

    What does the "Beehive" symbolize?

    Check your grip The answer to this qustion is in your ritual along with a wealth of other emblems . Study to show thy self approved. If your gonna be in the craft know it.
  13. thor9541

    Greetings brothers....

    Welcome It's an honor to have you.
  14. thor9541

    Greetings! PHAmily

    Thanks for the encouragement brothers and I shall do so.
  15. thor9541

    Women Freemasons

    No way! I don't think so. Women don't really want to be freemasons, they just want somehow to be equal to men. This is a feminist idea I'd vote it down everytime. OES will do just fine. I have even heard there is a lodge in south Florida with a woman WM of course this is an international lodge...
  16. thor9541

    new junior deacon

    Exellent! Congrats! Brother guard the inner door well .
  17. thor9541

    Greetings! PHAmily

    grateful Thank you Brother I shall do, So mote it be
  18. thor9541

    Greetings! PHAmily

    I am grateful to the brothers if Pride Of Hollywood Lodge# 601 PHA for intrusting me as their Jr. Warden for 2012
  19. thor9541


    cautions Remember your new name you know just enough to get in trouble but not enough to get out.
  20. thor9541

    Ring question

    contests Make sure your able to protect that light. A lot if folk can't find one in the rubbish pile so hairs it.