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  1. Jackel

    Which finger do you wear your ring on and why?

    Wear it with the compasses pointed toward you as reminder of your obligations. Wear it with compasses pointed away from you to spread Masonic Light to others. I have also heard that you wear it with the compasses toward you until you are Master of the lodge and then turn them around in...
  2. Jackel

    One-Day classes, What do YOU think?

    Here in Wisconsin we used to have one day classes that we would call Man-to-Mason days. My father recieved his degrees at the last one we had about 7 or 8 years ago. Since then we have gotten rid of them and thank God! The whole motivation behind it was a membership drive. My father to this day...
  3. Jackel

    Memphis-Misraim Rite

    The point I am trying to make is that the Rites of Memphis-Misraim supposedly deal with how someone can actually become God through the use of mysticism and has heavy occult influences.
  4. Jackel

    Memphis-Misraim Rite

    I don't recall there being any portion of my craft lodge degrees pertaining to actually becoming God...
  5. Jackel

    Memphis-Misraim Rite

    I had done some research of my own a while ago when I first heard of the Egyptian Rite. From what I was able to determine, one of the main reasons that it is irregular is that supposedly the degrees deal with alchemy and apotheosis.
  6. Jackel

    York Rite College

    I am the Chancellor for my College and I would agree that the lectures are some of my favorites. Good luck to you.
  7. Jackel

    Table Lodges in C&C?

    We do table chapter and table council here in Wisconsin. My year as HP, we did a table chapter in conjunction with our reconsecration ceremony. Good times, good times My Freemasonry HD