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    Touchy Subject

    Wow, this is a hot topic with a lot of views. Here's my thought on such issues. What peoples personal likes or beliefs is theirs to have. I do my best to try not to judge those who dont believe the same things that I do. However, I do not try to force my beliefs on others. I believe in the peace...
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    Role call of officers

    Junior Warden
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    Dublin Lodge #2 Dublin, Ireland

    wow that must have been a very neat experience
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    Your Ring

    compass points down
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    What are you thankful for?

    We should be thankful everyday for what we have, but this is the day we share our thankfullness with others. I am thankful for living in this country that so many have given their lives and continue to give there lives to protect. I thankful of my family, my health, my friends and being a...
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    Would you purchase a Texas Freemason License Plate?

    That would be awesome. I cant understand why it hadnt been done. Like someone else said, they would get the money back without a doubt. Texas Masons are proud and display our masonic membership any chance we can. So you know probably 90% of masons here in Texas would buy one or more.
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    The Name Game

    Paul McCartney
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    The Name Game

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    Jack Daniel's Marinade

    Made this recipe at my house with Ljlinson1206 and was pretty pleased with it. We did have to do a minor substitution because we did not have dijon and substituted with yellow mustard with a little chili powder to spice the mustard some. Like LJ said, the recipe was doubled due to the size of...
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    Masonic Quiz

    Not a bad little quiz, I missed the Ben Franklin question.
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    Greetings from Franklin, Tx

    Howdy, my name is Rene' and I am from Patrick Lodge #359 in Franklin Texas. I have been a Mason for about 4 years now and was referred to this site by LJLinson1206. I am married, with a teenage daughter and all the debt that comes with it :) I look forward to meeting some new brothers out there.
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    Should Codebooks Be Allowed

    I believe yes and no lol. I think for the initial learning of the work is should not be used. I like the concept of masonic tradition of the training being passed from word of mouth to ear. As far as we know, that is our roots in Masonry. I feel a big part of the masonic passage is learning...
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    Wiccan Masons

    This is an interesting post with several excellent points of view. We had a bit of a discussion come up like this in our lodge where someone had stated that you should not be able to take your oath on anything but the Holy Bible. Being a Christian, I understand his reasons for saying that, but...
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    Movie Quote Game

    Its the Devil's Advocate.