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  1. J

    The Time Will Come Soon

    To be a little more specific, there is one stated meeting a month and there are other events that you can attend too. If you'd like to come down and talk to some SR guys, the Dallas Valley has an Education Meeting open to all MMs every fourth Tuesday. We meet up at 6.30 for a light dinner and...
  2. J

    MasterCraftsman II

    Congratulations! I have the essays for 4th and 5th on my desk currently. Any advice from the other side?
  3. J

    reunion question

    The "terminal" degrees are required: those are the 4th, 14th, 18th, 30th and 32nd (IIRC). You will walk in a MM and walk out a 32nd, unless they do all the degrees over 2 or 3 weekends. When I received the 32nd, I went for 2 full days of degree work. The first day I walked out a 18th degree, the...
  4. J

    Music and Masonry

    my article for the Dallas SR newsletter went up online today. We had to cut the article down significantly. If you're interested in seeing the full article, PM me or something!<br><br><a href=" summer...
  5. J

    Music and Masonry

    my article for the Dallas SR newsletter went up online today. We had to cut the article down significantly. If you're interested in seeing the full article, PM me or something! it's on Pg. 16.
  6. J

    Kilts in Texas?

    I've checked out Frugal Corner a few times. I haven't bought one of their kilts yet, but the Universal Freemason tartan is the one I was looking at. Is it the PV material? How does it feel? Is it heavy enough for "winter" wear? I've been a customer of Stillwater Kilts for some time now, and I...
  7. J

    Why Join Scottish Rite?

    I joined the SR because I wanted more light in Masonry. It delivered, in droves. There's a much stronger emphasis on education and scholarship in the SR than in most blue lodges, IMO. The only reasons I can think of NOT to join the SR are if you a) don't like looking for deeper meaning in the...
  8. J

    Music and Masonry

    I don't know if there's still interest in the topic or not, but if anyone IS interested, I just finished reading a GREAT book on this kind of stuff... It goes into some really interesting things like planet scales...
  9. J

    Women Freemasons

    I like this. I had never even considered that option.
  10. J

    Freemasonry on your CV?

    I don't know that I would be comfortable putting it on mine. I've had employers ask what occupies the blacked out portions of my monthly availability, and then I'll tell them. I just feel that putting it right there on my resume might come off as inviting nepotism, whether it be a brother who...
  11. J

    The Amazing Spiderman

    It does look pretty awesome. I just can't believe how MANY reboots we'll be seeing in the next two years. They've even been talking about redoing Highlander for next year.
  12. J

    The Name Game

    Leif Ericsson
  13. J

    The Name Game

    Andy Timmons
  14. J

    Music in the Degrees

    I'd love to see more music in degree work and regular meetings. There's a ton of music specifically intended for the lodge by Mozart, Sibelius, and Haydn, and there's tons of appropriate music out there to find. Our lodge has a piano, but as every wall in our lodge is an outside wall, it is...
  15. J

    hello to all

    Welcome to MoT!
  16. J

    L.s.c.i. ?

    Are those just the little blue booklets "To the Candidate Elected to Receive the Degrees of Freemasonry", "To the EA", etc? or is there a workbook like the A.L.L. program? I will say I read and reread those booklets probably a hundred times.
  17. J

    The Name Game

    Timotheus of Miletus
  18. J

    One black ball?

    I like the 3 ball/cube method. It does seem to cut out the "I don't like him" factor and the "I'm in a bad mood so I want to blackball someone" bit too.
  19. J


    Congratulations! do keep us updated
  20. J

    Horrible news

    Such a terrible tragedy. I'll be praying for the families affected. I can't believe that a Mason would do such a thing.