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  1. acjohnson53

    Military Lodges

    I know this is an . old topic, but interesting. All Prince Hall Lodges are pretty much the same. What differs is being that Military member transition so much to where their turn around so common. you could be in a seat and the next day you deploy. What most Jurisdiction did (Like MWPHGLOK...
  2. acjohnson53

    Masonic Royalty, MWPHGM< Honorable Samuel King

    PM Lewis this Bro Johnson, Philomathean Lodge #2, Sacramento, wanted to give a heads up, our Senior Warden just moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area Bro Jamaica Adisa. I will pass your information to him with your consent… Sent from my iPhone using My Freemasonry mobile app
  3. acjohnson53

    So, what's the pandemic done to your lodge ?

    as the Treasurer of my Lodge, it has been a blessing to say that our Lodge is not in the red. It's giving our Past Masters to get used to stated zoom meeting.
  4. acjohnson53

    Switching from AFAM to PHA

    firs just start allt it's gotta be voted on by the Craft, liked all petitions, or they can start all over to eliminate the process of healing.
  5. acjohnson53

    My name is Neil Prasad

    I'm in it for the ball caps and tee shirts...And I do hold an elected seat in my Lodge...
  6. acjohnson53

    Masonic Royalty, MWPHGM< Honorable Samuel King

    Greeting P.M. Lewis, hope everything is well during this pandemic....Just hoping and praying they lift this drama so I can get back to doing what I most enjoy “Masonry”.. Sent from my iPhone using My Freemasonry mobile app
  7. acjohnson53

    PHA Lodge in Washington State

    I knew quite a few Brothers at APG, Maryland...
  8. acjohnson53

    Nebraska's Prince Hall Grand Lodge Building Vandalized

    very touching, Brothers will find away to rebuild.
  9. acjohnson53

    How Prince Hall Received His Charter

    Preach my Brother, set the record straight...
  10. acjohnson53

    PHA Lodge in Washington State

    in the Seattle area there are a coupla Prince Hall Lodges there, they might have a Prince Hall Lodge near Ft Lewis area as well...I met a coupla of Brothers in my travels to Seattle, but never attended any communications there, but they extended their hands out to me while I was there very...
  11. acjohnson53

    Joining Family in PHA

    It's funny how my Lodge moved to a Masonic Temple here in Sacramento where it houses a coupla blue lodges, York Rite and so forth, with a lot of local history, and if i'm not mistaken we are the first Prince Hall that have our Stated meeting there, that Room of Reflection gave me that moment.
  12. acjohnson53

    Yellow Dog Degree

    very good cause...
  13. acjohnson53

    Is hazing allowed in DeMolay initiation rites?

    Hazing is not allowed in any Fraternal or Sorority Organization...