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    Interesting Trick!

    wow that is pretty cool
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    Are you the First Mason in your family?

    I like this poll and if any of you brothers get bored out there check out my blog... and share your story
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    The Masonic Ring

    I truly like these words thank you for sharing. A brother
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    Wearing the Bling

    My grandfathers ring was handed down by my grandmother who is an eastern star only after I was raized.
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    Your Ring

    i was told by two different long time members that one way shows that a brother was in distress
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    What Is The Point of Masonry?

    Masonry brings brothers from many different social status, religions, & occupations to make us one. Go back through your work and you'll find the point.
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    Received from a Brother

    I so enjoyed the words here Brother David thanks 4 sharing
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    What happend to a mason person ???

    Been divorced once before re-marrying and becoming a mason. I wish then I could hav had my brothers for a friend, confidant, or maybe even a guide. We all play a role in peoples lives and we ought to strive to help our brothers.