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  1. QPZIL

    Invited to appendant bodies TO the appendant bodies :)

    Well, I've figured out the Julian calendar date part, and I'm sure the omega is marking your initiation, but the ^N and the 4D^2 are still stumping me :)
  2. QPZIL

    Invited to appendant bodies TO the appendant bodies :)

    If you happen to know someone who is involved with AMD, just start asking questions and tell them how interesting it sounds :) Unfortunately, membership to any given AMD council is limited to 27 members, but luckily we have 2 in my area and one of them wasn't full :) In my case, I was talking...
  3. QPZIL

    Invited to appendant bodies TO the appendant bodies :)

    Last night after the York Rite meeting, I was speaking to a Companion who told me he'd like to recommend me to be invited to join our local Allied Masonic Degrees Council. Assuming the administrative stuff works out, hopefully I'll be able to be present at the Royal Ark Mariner degree conferral...
  4. QPZIL


    Are we showing our tattoos? Here's mine :)
  5. QPZIL

    Sean Astin To Star In ‘The Freemason'

    Re: Sean Astin To Star In ‘The Freemason' What, the stories about how we're controlling the Vatican and the world economy aren't true? Then why the heck did I get into this?! Freemason Connect Mobile
  6. QPZIL

    A Guide for the North Carolina Royal Arch and Select Master Mason

    Hi all, I posted the following in the York Rite forum, but had a change of heart and decided to just go ahead and share this to get discussion going. I also felt like the Education forum was a better fit. Also, there are no real secrets contained in it, so I don't think there's anything wrong...
  7. QPZIL

    Book for Newly-Made York Rite Masons

    Hi all, Here in North Carolina, every candidate that goes through the EA, FC and MM degrees is given a little (~20-page) book after each degree that explains what they just went through along with some of the symbolism. I really loved that, and I really missed it after going through 9 degrees...
  8. QPZIL

    Looking at new rings?

    I can put in a recommendation for - hand made by a Mason, and great quality, great price.
  9. QPZIL


    Congratulations Companion :) I loved the Royal Arch degrees, and found them very beautiful. They truly are a capstone of the Blue Lodge degrees. You'll enjoy the Council degrees too :) Let me know when you're through with those - I'm currently working on a short book for newly-made Royal...
  10. QPZIL

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    My local Commandery confers the order of the Temple is a real castle that's about 30 minutes away :) When you're wandering through the wilderness, you're actually wandering the grounds of the castle, and then main juicy parts of the order take place in the great hall inside. It's pretty...
  11. QPZIL

    Allied Masonic Degrees

    Having joined the York Rite last month, the Secretary** of my local Bodies has taken a keen interest in my fervency and zeal and has extended to me an invitation to join the Allied Masonic Degrees. Does anyone have any experience with it? Since I'm interested in the historical and esoteric...
  12. QPZIL

    Your Prediction: Freemasonry in 5-10 Years

    It's a somewhat sad topic to think about. With Facebook and most peoples' social lives being mostly on the internet, it's hard to get them interested in a real-life fraternity. Luckily, our lodge has had a bit of a resurgence lately, but it's still hard to say what'll happen. Freemason Connect...
  13. QPZIL

    Wearing the S&C in Public

    I wear my Triple Tau ring and have a Mark Master keystone necklace, though that stays under my shirt. I also have a S&C decal and Triple Tau decal on my car. And sometimes I wear my Gate City Lodge shirt. Oh, and I may get a Masonic tattoo before long :) Freemason Connect Premium App
  14. QPZIL

    The Two Pillars of Masonry

    I posted my previous article in the general subforum, but this one's a little more educational :) I finally registered a domain for my blog, and I hope you will all enjoy and learn something. My latest writing is up, at the following address, and is titled "The Two Pillars of Masonry"...
  15. QPZIL

    Custom Aprons?

    I'm curious what the Texas rules are regarding aprons in lodge. I was looking at nice aprons online - some really fancy gold lacy jobs - with the intent of wearing them to lodge. Then I thought I'd look at the North Carolina code: Well, that's kind of a bummer! I can understand it though...
  16. QPZIL

    I was voted on last night

    I like your avatar of a rough ashlar :) Very fitting. Congratulations, friend.
  17. QPZIL

    Masonic Secrets: Some Thoughts

    Hello all, I just started a Masonic blog at where I can put my thoughts and writings. I just published the first post, and here it is for your consideration. Enjoy :) ----- For this first post, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Ian. 3 years ago I knocked...
  18. QPZIL

    York Rite Reading?

    Thank you brother companions, there's plenty here to research.
  19. QPZIL

    EA Freemason

    You were no doubt bombarded with a lot of symbolism and a ton of words. Take the time to savor it, meditate on it, even keep a journal of your thoughts if it helps. I've found so much symbolism and so many teachings in Masonry, that I don't know what kind of person I've be right now if I hadn't...
  20. QPZIL

    Hello, Relatively new brother here. I just wanted to say thank you.

    Please come back and post your impressions of your raising :) Welcome to the oldest and most beautiful fraternity on Earth. Never forget your obligations and it will provide lessons to you for the rest of your life.