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  1. Bro Mike

    Interesting article from

    Maybe we owe a debt to the German Oculists.
  2. Bro Mike

    blood clinic

    I am a platelet donor. I go in every 2-3 weeks to donate. Platelets are sometimes more useful than whole blood but they don't have a long shelf life. The donation takes longer, too but is worth it when my neighbor's child needs platelets for her chemo.
  3. Bro Mike

    Prayers for my daughter

    Good to hear.
  4. Bro Mike

    What Lodge position do you currently serve?

    I am now the Senior Deacon at Round Rock Lodge #227
  5. Bro Mike

    To Shrine or Not To Shrine...

    I carry the card and that is all. It seemed that no matter how much time I was able to set aside, there were always many more requests that I could cover. With layoff and uncertain job prospects last year I swore off all Shrine work and I am good with that decision for now.
  6. Bro Mike

    Traveling Certificate

    We had a traveling Brother present one from another state GL while visiting last year. It was nicely printed and a high quality certificate. I was duly impressed. The Brother laughed and shared that his GL's Grand Secretary is a friend and neighbor and he admitted the certificate had been...
  7. Bro Mike

    Tricks to catch red drum.

    My Father in law lives on Matagorda Bay. So I wait 'em out. With the bay right out the back door, we never keep more than a couple, and usually have them on the grill within an hour of the catch.
  8. Bro Mike

    Vintage Masons of Texas

    Woo Hoo! I am 5! No power, but no pressure either.
  9. Bro Mike

    2011 Proposed Grand Lodge Resolutions

    Thank you Bill. I was up there Friday, but I had to leave before the Grand West considered many of the resolutions.
  10. Bro Mike

    Alamo Masonic Lodge No. 44's annual Called Lodge Meeting in The Alamo

    This is an awesome night! When I was a new MM, Bro Vick took me to this awesome event. Every year since I have taken one of our newest MMs from my home lodge.
  11. Bro Mike

    2011 Proposed Grand Lodge Resolutions

    Can someone post the results of the votes on the resolutions.
  12. Bro Mike

    Heading to Austin, tx

    Yep, you can get the chance to meet ME. I'll be working in that degree. FYI, Round Rock is a suburb, just north of Austin...
  13. Bro Mike

    Lodge Dues?

    Bill, Thanks for clarifying that. I did know there was a disbursement this year, but I did not know how much it was. I assumed it was less than $25.
  14. Bro Mike

    Lodge Dues?

    Here in Texas, the endowment cost is set by individual lodges and invested in a fund that is managed/overseen by the GL. Disbursements from the fund, back to lodges are based on the interest earned during the previous year. That money offsets the per capita fees that lodges pay back to GL per...
  15. Bro Mike

    Lodge Dues?

    We have dues set at $120 and endowment are $800 as of last year. We did have a few men decide to not continue as members (mostly plural members) when we went up from $72 on dues.
  16. Bro Mike

    Any one from cleburne lodge?

    My dad is a member of Cleburne Lodge and Burleson Lodge both. You can PM me.
  17. Bro Mike

    What office for 2001-12?

    I finished my duties as Senior Steward :50: and I'll be moving out of the kitchen and I will be appointed Jr Deacon for the upcoming year.
  18. Bro Mike

    Scottish Rite Dorm

    I have several friends and relatives who have lived at SRD over the years. All of them speak fondly of the time they spent there. Have a cousin who hopes to enroll at UT in the fall and she is thinking about living at the SRD.
  19. Bro Mike

    Late to the party

    Howdy Brother.
  20. Bro Mike

    Got 'my' ring

    Awesome! My ring was worn by my Great-Uncle. He gave my dad this ring just before he died, about 10 years ago. It is at least 50 years old. My dad held onto it for me and gave it to me after I was raised. My dad still wears the 75+ year old ring that my Great-Grandpa and Grandpa both...