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  1. M.Prejean


    How many sailors do we have here? I had to sell my boat and put my sailing on hold for law school, but I'm about ready to get back into it next month. Anybody in Texas like to win races? I'm also game for just tooling around and drinking beer.
  2. M.Prejean

    Jazzy Brothers

    This article just popped up in my news feed. Enjoy... The secret history of the jazz greats who were freemasons.
  3. M.Prejean

    Mathmagic Land

    Some brothers and I from the Houston Scottish Rite were discussing the 12th Degree last night, and this old cartoon was mentioned. I'm glad it was. I had forgotten all about it. Give it a watch and see the connections. You can bring a kid into the room if you need an excuse. ;) Donald Duck in...
  4. M.Prejean

    Grand Loge Nationale Francais

    Here's the statement:
  5. M.Prejean


    Oh, I certainly have no illusions of privacy regarding anything I submit to the internet. What I'm trying to figure out, well, one of many things, but regarding diaspora specifically, is whether anyone here has participated in the network and if so, what their opinion of it is. I've only been...
  6. M.Prejean


    Have any of you heard of or become familiar with The diaspora* Project? I just created an account out of curiosity, but am at a bit of a loss. I suppose as I was with Facebook so many years ago. It is claimed to be a decentralized social network, which supposedly is a safeguard for privacy...
  7. M.Prejean

    17 Most Influential

    Business Insider - Australia provides their list: 17 Of The Most Influential Freemasons Ever (March 21, 2014)
  8. M.Prejean

    Hidden (possible masonic) Chamber Discovered "Do not eat of those things with a black tail" - sage advice from the walls of a hidden chamber that was apparently recently found in Canons Ashby (central England). The article speculates that this room may have been used as a...
  9. M.Prejean

    The Boston Scene
  10. M.Prejean

    Do you use Masonic influence on your own website?

    Re: Do you use Masonic influence on your own websi I don't have a website, so I can't answer your question. I did briefly look though your site though, and saw nothing that I could imagine being offensive to any Mason. In fact, from what I saw, and I may have missed a lot, you were subtle and...
  11. M.Prejean

    What's the deal

    :laugh: Funny truth!!!
  12. M.Prejean

    New Houston Scottish Rite Building

    The building is at 2401 W. Belfort Ave., Houston, TX, 77054. There will be an opening at Holland Lodge at 10:00, but I'm unclear as to whether that portion of the event is open to the public or not. Perhaps one of my brothers can enlighten me. Following that, we will convene for the Leveling by...
  13. M.Prejean

    New Houston Scottish Rite Building

    It will be an open ceremony.
  14. M.Prejean

    I Did the Rite Thing!

    Man, I'm blanking on Rick's last name. I'm sure you'll hear more from him at the next reunion. He's a great blend of entertainment and knowledge, isn't he!
  15. M.Prejean

    Has your lodge ever gave you a ring?

    No, but they'll give you something better than bling.
  16. M.Prejean

    I Did the Rite Thing!

    I really enjoyed meeting you too, Txmason! I know the Valley will keep you in the loop, but I'll make sure to let you know when the next conferral will be just as soon as I hear something. Brother Lins! Sorry I was so rushed when jwhoff was introducing us. Moving between the classroom and the...
  17. M.Prejean

    Felix Baumgartner's supersonic freefall from 128k' - Mission Highlights

    Simply inspirational. I'm glad people like Felix are still around expressing one of my favorite human traits.
  18. M.Prejean

    Freemasons should leave

    It's no coincidence Bro. Bill. It's all part of the plan. ;)
  19. M.Prejean

    Felony Record

    In my opinion, to live up to our obligations, we must follow the Law. But that's not enough. We are here to build a magnificent edifice. We should pursue perfection through improvement. Follow the law, but never stop questioning it. I think we're on the right track, brothers!
  20. M.Prejean

    Felony Record

    But the list is more exhaustive & hypotheticals are indispensable tools for projecting the results of a decision. I understand that to allow a felon in to the Fraternity would be to gamble with our reputation, so I see why the bright line. In my opinion though, a case-by-case analysis is the...