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    Past Master Night

    I am wanting to plan a past master night for our lodge. In addition to a nice meal what are some other ideas for celebrating these brothers?
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    Fund Raising

    What are some things your lodges do to raise funds? Would like to get a few good and different ideas going.
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    Endowments in Texas

    We are planning a few fund raisers so hopefully that will help. The renting out of the front of the hall is a sticking point with some brothers, they dont want to let the public in. I, along with a bunch of others look at it as a way to let the public see what we are about. Could be a possible...
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    Endowments in Texas

    Well the question was asked because we are a small lodgeof 72 members, 32 endowed and several more that are 50 year members. This leaves us about 35 members who pay dues. Our lodge cannot survive with only this income. So I guess I am really asking how other lodges raise the money to keep the...
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    Endowments in Texas

    How does your lodge handle endowed members in regards to dues? Also what are your lodges dues and who does your lodge make exempt form paying dues?
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    One Thing I have Noticed

    I know we sometimes move around because of who the candidate is. Last year a candidates father was initiated so the son wanted to sit in the east and the candidates father sat in the west. There are many reasons for moving around in the chairs for degree work.
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    Texas Marshall - Baton, or nor baton?

    I would like to know what the baton looks like. We have some thing s around but would not know if it is the baaton or not.
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    Texas Public Schools Week

    Have your Lodge's Secretary get the info off of the Lodge Secretary's Data Base.
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    Masonic Funerals

    I am researching masonic funerals and would like to know, with everyones help, what is the proper procedures, dress and any other information.
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    Lodge participation

    Was wondering if any Brothers out there could help with suggestions on how to get the Brethren of my lodge to become more involved with the lodge again?