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  1. CCM1836TX

    Interesting Masonic US history

    I am very interested In our Masonic History in the USA. What are some cool facts or stories that you know and have heard? One of my favorites reaches back to the civil war, when brothers from either side would meet and put their outside beliefs aside and have lodge.
  2. CCM1836TX

    EA question

    In Texas the cypher books are all code and if you don’t know the work you can’t figure out the code. Your not aloud to have one until your a MM. In Texas you also cannot have it on lodge property or teach others out of it. Doing so could get you a Masonic Violation and charges. Every state is...
  3. CCM1836TX

    Any Masons from the UK?

    From Texas, but look forward to one day visiting a lodge in the UK
  4. CCM1836TX

    Building Fund

    We had to sell our lodge building and started to rent from another lodge in our district. The only bad thing about renting from another lodge is that people in that town usually join that lodge and not yours. We ran into this issue along with not being able to recoup the money needed to get a...
  5. CCM1836TX

    Glad to be here

    Howdy from Texas. Looks like a cool place to hang my two ball cane!