12 Mighty Orphans

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  1. Erik X

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    I came across this by accident, maybe some of you all have seen this before:

    "Best selling author Jim Dent tells the Depression-era true story of the mighty orphans from the Masonic Home in Fort Worth, Texas. The scrawny orphan football team captured the hearts and minds of Americans as they beat all odds succeeding at the game of football as well as the game of life. Released in September 2007, Twelve Mighty Orphans has been through 20 printings overall (16 printings in hardback) with over 250,000 books sold. The paperback version was released in the fall 2008 and the book is available on Kindle."

    ...I had no idea. Pretty cool.

  2. JTM

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    It's amazing... I wish I had the quotes handy, however, in the 19th century, a french writer came over and said something along the lines of how amazing it was how even though we didn't have the governmental programs to take care of the poor, we took care of eachother.

    With the proposed taxes (namely, no itemized deductions), charitable contributions will be the most hard hit.

    It will be extremely tough. In my opinion, it will be no tougher than these people contributed to each others' relief... however, we must (as the Steve Cook Scottish Rite Club Almoner) continue this tradition.

    It's awesome to see this kind of thing in our past.
  3. TCShelton

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    Awesome book.
  4. nick1368

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    its a great book, i own it and have loaned out to a couple of my non-Mason friends who think its awesome...hopefully I have planted some seeds.
  5. fairbanks1363pm

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    great book. i have met some of the brothers from the book because my dad was from the home. they are making a movie about this and i have heard russel crow is the coach.

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