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1807 List of Lodge Officers for African Lodge No. 459 Boston 1 month after death of Prince Hall


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Boston December 28th 1807
The Officers of the African Lodge took their stations for the ensuing year

1st Nero Prince Grand Master in the E.
2nd James Nickerson Senior Warden in the W
3rd James Denny Junior Warden in the S
4th Fife Douse Senior Deacon
5th John Cooper Junior Deacon
6th Truston Babcock Chief Steward
7th John Wilson second Steward
8th Cuff Sumner Outside Tiler
9th John Brown Inside Tiler
10 John Shorter Secretary


This record dispels that there was a Grand Lodge established in 1791. The Lodge was still styled "African Lodge" in 1807, going into 1808.
African Lodge, beginning with this meeting, had elections every 6 months which correspond with St. John's Days of the Masonic year.

Notice the differences in the names of the places and stations:

Chief Steward (rather than Senior Steward)
Second Steward (rather than Junior Steward)
There was an INSIDE and OUTSIDE Tyler.

These would indicate that they were using English working.

Source: Records of African Lodge Roll (microfilm)