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Discussion in 'Finding a Lodge' started by Evan Spencer, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. Evan Spencer

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    Hello brothers, the lodge I belong to now I have been a member for about a year and with my work schedule I miss a lot of meetings. I was wondering, is it "ok" to join another lodge that is in the same town and be a member of both lodges so I would be able to attend at least one meeting a month? I don't want my brothers at my present lodge to think that I'm not happy and leaving them.
  2. Brother JC

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    You'll need to ask your Secretary. Many jurisdictions allow it these days.
  3. Warrior1256

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    Plural membership is allowed in Kentucky. I belong to two lodges. You will need to check with the secretary of your lodge to see if plural membership is allowed in your jurisdiction and, if so, how to go about it. In answer to your second question when I decided to join a second lodge I made it clear to the brothers in my mother lodge that I had no intention of leaving and would continue to fully participate in lodge functions. At the time I was Senior Deacon in my mother lodge and this month I was installed as Junior Warden.
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  4. dfreybur

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    There are some jurisdictions that forbid membership in more than one lodge.

    There are some jurisdictions that allow a brother to a member of as many lodges as he can afford. As you can see in my signature (visible in the web interface but not the phone app apparently) I am a member of lodges in three different jurisdictions.
  5. Bloke

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    I recommend you joining the other lodge. Mature leaders of lodges have the attitude that it is better to see a man move than be lost to the craft or not develop as a Freemason because they cannot make the night.

    I would go to the Sec or WM of your mother lodge (which ever you fee most comfortable with) and discuss this problem and get some feedback on your plan and how to best effect it. You should have a mentor ?? They should help too.

    I've helped quite a few brethren swap lodge, and it's generally been the right thing for them to do..
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  6. Cootr68

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    Illinois allows plural membership. When I looked to become a Mason I didn't know any of the Masons in the town I live in but knew a few in the town I grew up in 17 miles away. The very first meeting I attended after being raised I was introduced to the secretary of the lodge where I live, met with him the very next morning to get the ball rolling on my plural. And as it turned out I knew quite a few masons in town, rubbed elbows with two PM at the VFW for years but never knew.

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