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    Brothers and Fellow Fantasy Baseball players,

    As of today, I have reactived the Masons of Texas Fantasy Baseball league from last season. I sent out the invites to those that have directly expressed interest in playing in the league this season, and still looking for a few other managers to add into the fun. So, if you haven't already joined in or know another Brother that would enjoy playing this season, get me an email address so that I can get an invite sent. Just a little info I need to put out real quick.

    Draft. What day of the week and time would be the best for everyone for the draft? My schedule is pretty doggone open, so whatever you guys want to do.

    Keeper league. Since I reactivated the league, Yahoo gave me the option of enabling the "keeper league" feature. I chose to enable it so that the option is there if everyone wants to play that way. I can always shut it off if nobody wants to play with keepers, so when you recieve the invite and go to the league, if it says something about setting your keepers, don't pay it no attention unless I put out that we are going to do that this season. Would like to hear back from everyone if they want to use keepers this season or not so I can make the proper adjustments, so just let me know.

    Changes to league settings. I just took the time to basically reactivate the league and send a few invites, and kept the same settings from last season. There was a few things that I wanted to possibly change for this season, so there may be a few minor changes that I make prior to the draft. If anyone from last season thinks of anything they would like to see changed within the league, please let me know. For those knew to the league, you can view all the settings and let me know if there is an idea that you have.

    Constitution. I was thinking about having a "League Constitution" that I could type up and send to everyone. Basically, the same thing as our U.S. Constitution. Just outlines and explains things about and within the league and sets up the rules and all that stuff. Just something extra for me to do, but also can assist if there are any questions pertaining to our league specifically. Would especially come in handy if we do go for the keeper option. I doubt we will ever get to the point of having any kind of dispute that a Constitutin will be needed for, but it would be really awesome if everyone was pretty serious about the league and the play. So, please let me know if you guys would like to have a Constitution. The Constitution would also be nice to have to hand out to new managers each new season so that they are all aware of everything going on.

    Co-Commissioner. I don't remember right offhand if I asked anyone in particular if they wanted to be the Co-Commissioner for this season or not (if I did, just remind me and forgive me for my forgetting). If anyone wants to step up and take that role, let me know. If you are curious about the responsibilities of that role, please just ask.

    Anyway, that is about it for now. I can't wait for the draft and the season to start. Always fun playing with you Brothers. Let me know if you have any other questions or ideas. Just to say it again lol, we still need a few more managers to join! Good luck on preparing for your drafts!
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    Please send me the invite
  3. Michaelstedman81

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    Send me a PM with your email address and I can get you the invite
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    Any update on the league? Looks like we still need one more.

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