2013 40th Phylaxis/ 30th Phyllis Chapter Annual Meetings

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    The 2013 Convention

    The annual convention for 2013 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. There will be no additional costs for transportation between the airport and the hotel or from the hotel to locations within six miles of the hotel. The tour on Thursday will be on comfortable Motor Coaches to some exciting historical locations including the historic Grand East Building, which has a history with Moses Dickson's The Knights of Tabor and Daughters of the Tabernacle.

    Smokers are reminded that there will be absolutely no smoking rooms available in the main hotel.

    NOTICE: All who attend the 2013 convention will be required to show a current membership card in a Masonic lodge.

    Main Dates
    Thursday, March 7, 2013 - Saturday, March 9, 2013

    Board of Directors meet Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 (Prince Hall Day!)


    Tuesday, March 5th
    •No host lunch
    •President's Hospitality

    Wednesday, March 6th
    •Council of Fellows
    •Board of Directors
    •Meet and Greet Social

    Thursday, March 7th
    •Official Opening and Memorial Service
    •Afrocentric tour
    •Masonic lodge visitation

    Friday, March 8th
    •Masonic Workshops all day
    •Hall of Fame induction

    Saturday, March 9th
    •Masonic Workshops all morning
    •Phylaxis luncheon
    •Election of national officers
    •Board of Directors Executive Session
    •Annual Awards banquet
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