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    I searched the site and was surprised no one had started a thread about this book.

    I ordered the book on 2/17/18 and it arrived a few days later. I was expecting a pat on the back for older generations saying they had done their best. Boy was I wrong. This is a raw and to the point explanation of what went wrong, when it went wrong, who did it, and why it was done. The book is just a snapshot of a period of time. It is not perfect and none of us are perfect. But I know I have read American Masonic publications from the early 1900's basically saying exactly what this book is saying. Albeit today we might say it with a hashtag (that's the # symbol for those of you who don't know).

    Millennials get a bad rap. As do all younger generations from older generations. But here's something to think about: as I type this my hair is thinning, my beard is mostly gray, I have been married to the same woman for 14 years, and I have almost 16 years of government service. Does this sound like the young irresponsible person you imagined a Millennial to be?

    It's only 85 pages pick it up and read it.
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    You just described me minus the beard lol. Im Gen X by a year according to the article....oh well, close enough. I will definitely check this out. Thanks, Bro. G.
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    Baby boomer here.
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    Gen X'er here.

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