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Discussion in 'Arts and Entertainment' started by HKTidwell, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. HKTidwell

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    Did anybody watch the Gotti special they had? What were your thoughts on it?

    I'm sorry but after watching that I came away thinking wow the blond daughter knows more then she is saying. Interesting how he tried to insulate his family and yet so much of his family(brothers, son, son-in-law) were involved in different aspect. Cool show but the mafia has always been an interesting subject of learning for me.
  2. scottmh59

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    yeah i saw it...the blonde ( victoria) is full of her self..she talks of how she hated what her father was,yet she has made more money off of his name than he did..........

    her stupid book,and that dumb a$$ show{ growing up gotti}..how retarted,,,,her kids last name is not gotti..she used that name to sell it. John Gotti is no tragic figure,bottom line he had a big mouth and thats what doomed him.

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