A Brother Asks: The Masonic Marshmallow

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    Pursuing the Work


    A Brother Asks:
    Why aren’t more Brothers pursuing the Work?

    Coach: What Work is that?

    Brother: The Work that makes good men better.

    Coach: Why do you ask?

    Brother: I see a lot of men joining, but I see very few improving.

    Coach: I’ve observed the same thing, as have quite a few other Brothers.

    Brother: What’s going on Coach?

    Coach: We are our own worst enemies.


    Brother: How so?

    Coach: Our system points the way to improvement, but it diverts wannabes with a temptation that few men can't resist.

    Brother: Temptation?

    Coach: Yes. And it is in the form of a marshmallow provided by ritual itself.

    Brother: Good Lord Coach. Are you going to go down another rabbit hole with me?

    Coach: Yes, but only if you want to.

    Brother: Of course I do. Let’s go!

    Coach: Good. I like your spirit. Have you ever heard of “The Marshmallow Test”?

    Brother: The Marshmallow Test? What’s that?

    Coach: It is a reference to experiments conducted by Stanford University during the late 1960s through the early 1970s on delayed gratification.

    Brother: Okay. Yes. I remember reading about it a while back. What does that have to do with Brothers not pursuing the Work.

    Coach: That’s an important question my Brother. Do you recall the Ruffians from the third degree tragedy?

    Brother: Yes. I do.

    Pursuit Goal

    Coach: Do you recall what they wanted from our Grand Master?

    Brother: Yes. They wanted the secrets of the Master Mason, more specifically, “The Master’s Word”.

    Coach: Indeed. And when they requested it from the Grand Master, what was it that he told them?

    Brother: He said that they would have to wait until the Temple was completed before they would to receive it.

    Coach: Yes. Were they willing to wait?

    Brother: Of course not. That’s the whole reason for them attacking him.

    Coach: Which was?

    Brother: They didn’t want to wait to complete the Temple. They wanted to have what they wanted immediately; before the Temple was completed.

    Coach: Yes. Do you recall what the basis behind the Marshmallow Test was?

    Brother: Yes. It was to test whether someone was able to delay getting something so that they would get it and an additional reward for waiting.

    Coach: Yes. And what were the findings?

    Brother: Those who delayed gratification were found to be rewarded better in life than those who would not.

    Coach: What would you say where the results of the Masonic Marshmallow Test?

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    I enjoy reading these and am thinking it might be about time to invest in one of your books!!
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    Good as usual coachn.
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    Sir, I often wonder why we do what we do, and why so many of us are not getting any better. I read one of your articles, clear and simply written, and I have to share it right away because your explanation is that good.
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    Enjoyed that, especially;

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