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  1. jonesvilletexas

    jonesvilletexas Premium Member

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me (A DEMWIT) just how the WHAT’S NEW SECTION works????

    One minute your post is shown and you look at a post and then go back and it is gone??

    I was told that your posts will not show up as new if you are the original poster. That being said, any replies to your thread will be listed as new.

    But I see post with (0) replays but with views all the time, are they not the original poster???

    There are 6 pages in this section and your post seem to drop off the edge of the world, while others seem to go on for every!

    I would just like to know how this works. At one time, back when, everything work go. Why not just keep it simple?
  2. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

    when you click "What's New?" it lists all the threads with new posts that you haven't seen yet.

    aka, if you view a thread, it'll go away. if someone posts a new thread, it'll show up.

    they don't go away until you a) view them or b) click "mark as read"

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