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    Hello brethren,
    My name is Anthony Bolding and I am a 19 year old MM who hasn't been able to make it to the lodge (Onion Creek Lodge #220# in a while. This is because I have moved up North because I am a student at the Art Institute #Audio Production Bachelor's of Science) and it is difficult to go down. In January when my schedule changes I am going to start attending Round Rock Lodge. The favor I have mentioned above has to do with a project me and my friend are working on that we have put on Kickstarter.com to fund it. It is a self-help comic book about a young lady who goes through trials and tribulations to get to her dream of success. It isn't just your classic comic book, it is inspiring to young people who are depressed not to give up and to keep moving forward no matter what. I am co-writing the comic book script with my friend who I stay with. I am wanting to know if any brothers could help to fund it. If we don't reach our minimum goal everyone who funds our project gets their money back. Please help brothers because we have worked hard on the project and scripts. We just need artists, publishers, and promoters for it. Thank you

    If you would like to donate to my project here is the link.



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