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    My Lodge is the result of a merger between 2 Lodges (Shiloh Lodge No 558 & MacCalla Lodge No. 596) in 2014. It is a long story but the root cause started many years previously when the Borough that the Shiloh Lodge Hall was located declared Eminent Domain and forced Shiloh to sell the Masonic Temple to the Borough in order to create a Performing Arts Center. This resulted in Shiloh renting MacCalla's Lodge building for their meetings such that both Lodges met in the same building. Eventually it was clear that the best path was to merge.

    Anyway - The Borough put Millions of Dollars into making this Performing Arts Center, which failed after less than a year. The building sat vacant for several years and severe damage occurred as a result of poorly designed and executed roofing which allowed rainwater to enter the building.

    Late last year the building was purchased by a local entrepreneur, who owns a restaurant 3 doors down from the old Masonic Temple. They renovated the building and several months back a Craft Brewery start-up occupied the basement area which was the social hall of Shiloh Lodge.

    Several Brothers in the area, being fond of brewed malt beverages, went to the brewery tap room and enjoyed the experience. The Lodge made contact with the owners of the Brewery and we discussed the history of the building and they were very interested in honoring it.

    Last night we met with the ownership group and presented them with a photograph of the Cornerstone Laying ceremony when construction of the Temple began in 1912. The Photo shows the Right Worshipful Grand Master of Pennsylvania, Bro. William A Gorgas proving the Cornerstone Square during the ceremony.

    We had a great evening with the owners and look forward to having many gatherings at Well Crafted Brewing Company in the future.

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    Nice to see the history being preserved. Insert random comment of misspent tax dollars. :D
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