A gentle stroke of the the left wrist from a master mason. What does it mean??

Discussion in 'Becoming a Freemason' started by lightseeker, May 28, 2013.

  1. lightseeker

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    My uncle stroked my left wrist and told me "if you really want to join they will find you". After i told him i wanted to join the brotherhood...im really confused About his jester...can someone plz explain what it means to have your wrist stroked from a 33° mason?
  2. Benjamin Baxter

    Benjamin Baxter Moderator Staff Member

    I dont know what that means. I am only a 3rd degree mason. It could be a secret that only 33rd degree masons know. I would ask him how to become a mason. That is all it takes if you want to be one. There are not any secret ways to become one. 2b1ask1
    No one will ask you to become one.

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  3. crono782

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    I wonder if he was pulling you leg, hah! The way to join is to simply ask, rather than some Dan Brown-esque stuff.

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  4. Dow Mathis

    Dow Mathis Premium Member

    +1. Either he's messing with you (he is your uncle, after all, and that's what uncles are for. :wink:), or you're reading something that isn't there to read. Also might be that he wants to make sure that you're serious. Time was, according to what I've been told, that a man would get no response whatsoever to his first or maybe first several inquiries about the Fraternity. Once it became clear that he was sincerely and seriously interested, then things would start to happen.
  5. BryanMaloney

    BryanMaloney Premium Member

    Actually, there is no such thing as a "33rd degree Mason". There are Masons who have the 33rd degree in the Scottish Rite, but these masons are of no higher degree of Mason than any other Master Mason. The Scottish Rite is appendant, which means it hangs beneath the Blue Lodge. It does not sit above it as something higher. The highest Masonic degree is Master Mason. No exceptions.
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  6. BrianMcMLG

    BrianMcMLG Registered User


    The latter part of this could be the case. My first few inquiries were somewhat shunned, but I persisted, showing up before meetings with more questions about joining and each time, they became less defensive and more and more helpful, until eventually they gave me a blank petition. I then had to get to know some of the brothers, because I knew no Masons and needed recommenders. But the more I persisted, the more helpful they became, I believe, because they were testing my level of sincerety. A lot of works goes into the work for every ritual. In NJ it is all memory and word of mouth. It makes sense that before commiting the time and effort, even for the lowest degree, that you would want to be sure that
    A. the candidate is seriously interested and it isn't a passing thought that he will forget next week
    B. That the candidate is worth putting in that time and effort. You will find that someone can disguise thier true natures and intentions easily for a short conversation, but if they keep showing up before meetings, and keep leaving messages, and persistently show interest, they are also showing who they really are over a period of time, and the brethren will have an easier time when deciding whether to admit that individual, or help him petition, whatever be the case.
    Whether any of the Masons I dealt with when I first petitioned were 33° I do not know, even to this day. So on that aspect, I can not comment one way or another. I only know of one person who is admittedly a 33rd, and he refuses to discuss anything with me beyond my current degree.
    I hope this somehow helps with the original poster's question.

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  7. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    I agree and disagree. I know the usual spiel that nothing is higher than a MM, but in my personal experience, the knowledge you gain through the appendant bodies takes what you learned in Blue Lodge to a whole new level. In my neck of the woods, joining Blue Lodge is pretty much a guarantee. That being said, it seems the Brethren who are 32nd or Templars take the Craft are more dedicated.
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  8. jermy Bell

    jermy Bell Registered User

    I was abducted by aliens on dark desert highway, and returned a full fledged master mason. True story. I think ??????
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  9. coachn

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  10. David612

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    Forums have the same rules as magic... don’t raise the dead plz.
  11. Dow Mathis

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    Holy resurrected threads Batman!

    ...on the other hand, it DID get me to log back in, lol!
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    As mentioned before it's poor forum etiquette...
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    He doesnt care. In fact, he's adamant that it's an arbitrary rule that anyone who mentions is trying to be the forum police. So dont waste your breath.

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