A Masons Bride

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    A clear bell sounds upon the breeze,
    And lo! a bridal train
    Is winding through the forest trees
    To yonder sacred fane;
    And there, before the chancel rail,
    Two hearts devoted bow,
    The Pride and Beauty of the vale,
    Exchange the nuptial vow:
    And now, 'mid many a beaming smile,
    The loved one by her side,
    She passes down the echoing aisle,
    A youthful Mason's bride.

    Away, along the thundering main
    A gallant vessel flies,
    Like war-steed o'er the battle plain,
    Or lightning through the skies;
    And far behind, a line of blue
    Between the sky and sea,
    Her native land fades on her view
    In dim obscurity.
    "Ah! from the true and tried I rove,"
    The weeping lady cried,
    A kind voice whispered, "Gentle love,
    Thou art a Mason's Bride."

    "And fear thee not, in every land
    Beneath yon sky of blue,
    Thou wilt meet a warm, devoted band
    Of Brothers  kind and true.
    And never the world's tempestuous war
    Their noble bark shall 'whelm,
    While Faith shall be their guiding star,
    And Love directs the helm.
    Then fear thee not wherever we rove,
    Whatever ills betide,
    Remember, yes, remember love,
    Thou art a Mason's Bride."

    Ere long within a foreign land
    Health's lovely roses fled,
    And sickness laid her blighting hand
    On that young lover's head.
    And then, when at the mystic sign,
    Kind brothers round him pressed,
    And poured sweet sympathy's pure wine
    Upon the stranger's breast â€â€
    And bade him on his journey speed
    With every want supplied â€â€
    That lady felt 'twas blest indeed
    To be a Mason's Bride.

    By - Unknown

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