A Night, When Brotherhood 'Came Real

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    Just before my raising, my wife's wallet and checkbook were stolen. The criminal "cleaned us out" and it was some time before all the damage was mitigated.

    It was tough; telling my new Brethern I was broke.

    I was amazed at their response.

    A while later, this poured into my journal, essentially intact.

    PM, Smithfield 455

    A Night, When Brotherhood 'Came Real

    by Brother David Terrell, Smithfield Lodge #455, A.F.&A.M. of Texas
    (A true story, dedicated to Worshipful Brother T.C. "Top Cat" Powell P.M., who will always epitomize "The Worshipful Master")

    It was but few short weeks before, that I had trod the checkered floor.
    And recently, I'd passed between Jachin and Boaz; and I'd seen
    Where Solomon would pay the wage to workmen in an ancient age.

    My time was nigh. I'd learned the part more expert workmen can impart
    To building temples, made of stones carved fresh from living flesh and bones.
    A place where souls sojourn to learn; and worthy craftsmen their wages earn.

    My edifice was under way. My cornerstone seemed well laid.
    Then came a man of dark intent whose theft from me took every cent.
    I, destitute, was crushed to know that fellow men would treat me so.

    It'd be a time before I'd see my "workman's wage" next come to me.
    What funds I had would barely place the milk and bread before the face
    Of my young babes that Heaven gave to grace my life; my soul to save.

    I called the Lodge to change the time they'd set for my Degree Sublime
    For I had not the fee to pay. And shamed, in pride, could n'er say
    The reason. "Never mind." they said to me "It's fine. Just come ahead."

    I came that night; though fearing how my new found friends would see me now.
    I shook the hands of one and all and swallowing my pride, I called
    The Mast'r aside, and told him then and there about my sore condition.

    He answered me by turning round and speaking soft and clear. I found
    His voice was carr'd to all in sight. "A Brother needs our help tonight!"
    And every Brother that was there arose, and gave, that they might share.

    "Don't worry Brother." he said. "Look here and see. Your fee is paid,
    And more is left for meat and bread. You aren't alone in this." He led
    Me round the corner, speaking low, of mystic ties that bind us so.

    My heart within still burns to think of how these men, fraternally linked,
    Transformed my dark into bright light. As these, my Brothers, sensed my plight,
    And lovingly, without fanfare, contributed to my welfare.

    I trod again around the floor, up winding stairs and through the doors,
    To seek more light amidst the sky of God's own mercy and love. "Did I
    Deserve such trust and care?" I prayed to Him whil'st I was kneeling there.

    And list'ning close, the years rolled back; another Mason stood attacked
    By those who steal and wrest away the things for which they didn't pay.
    Unlike poor Hiram's sorrowed soul; my life was spared, my family whole.

    The King and Craft then gather'd round and raised me to a life new found.
    My Brothers, clasping hand to back, then gave to me what I most lacked;
    A thing to have that none can steal: "A Night, When Brotherhood 'Came Real!"

    Copyright 1997, David G. Terrell -- This poem may be freely used for non-commercial purposes, with attribution. If you do use it, please send me a complementary notice/copy to me at davidterrell80@hotmail.com
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    This is incredibly beautiful Brother.
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    Fantastic! Thank you for sharing Bro. Terrell!
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    Beautiful post Brother and a wonderful testimony. Thank you.
  5. davidterrell80

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    I appreciate you saying so, Brother. --David
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    Smithfield was where i grew up ...Back when it was smithfield on your letters sent and Brother Barber cobb cut hair across from the lodge . The cemetary there behind the lodge speaks volumes for the craft and the men whos stones bear the mark of a mason .Its great that this lodge which the men whos names are placed on the stones in that cemetary still makes men of that grit and Character... This poem brought tears to my eyes Brother Thanks
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    Thanks for sharing with us brother. Beautiful.

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    I'm speechless

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    that was indeed heartfelt
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    Thank you for sharing.

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    Promoted to homepage...
  12. davidterrell80

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    I'm honored, Bro Blake.The years have rolled by since I penned that verse. Brother Powell and several others there, that night, have returned to the God who gave them to us. My kids are grown and are, praise God, decent human beings. I've fought for my country in distant lands. I've advocated for freedom in my own backyard. I suppose you could say that life has happened to me in large measure. Through all of this, the simple act of brotherly love and charity of which I wrote, that pure love of Christ exemplified by my Brothers has been the transformative experience of my life.I pray we, as Masons, always strive to follow their example.David

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