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    I like this ring; however, it has a cross in each side making me think that this is a Knights Templar Masonic ring. I am not a knight templar as I have only been able to reach the third degree. I am careful when I am buying anything that has to do with Freemasonry as I don't want to present what I am not, nor being accused of pretending to be anything I am not within the order. In other words, can I buy this ring and wear it without any problem? Or, does this ring has a meaning for a degree beyond the scope of someone that has been recent to the third degree of a Scottish rite?

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    I’d say it is a safe purchase.

    Although it displays the Christian Cross, I don’t see any wording (on the displayed image) that would directly link the link to York Rite or Knights Templar. Therefore IMO, as a Christian Mason your be good to go!

    Oh and by the way, unless you were raised in one of the limited areas that practice the Scottish Rite ritualistic first 3 degrees, you were Raised under the York Rite form. If you should choose to continue your journey into the other York Rite degrees, you will learn the true word as discussed, in your Masters Degree.
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    Thank you! I think I will be buying it if that's the case.

    Puerto Rico is very limited within the Scottish rite. I assume that this is because it was the most accessible at the time when my country was under the Spanish regime, who was more in contact with the Scottish Rite after France invaded the country. However, there has been a presence of the York Rite as we are now part of the USA. However, in comparison to the number of lodges, the Scottish rite is the most dominant. However, we sometimes visit each other so we can learn from both rites. Unfortunately, I was not able to do it as the moment I became master, I had to leave my country temporarily. I will be returning in May, so maybe I will be able to visit one.
    I do want to learn from both, and maybe I will be able to also move upward in the York Rite degrees as well. It will all depend where I decide to continue my working life. If I see that the York Rite is the closest to me in the future, I will be moving to the York Rite. If it's the Scottish Rite, then I will continue my path in that one. Another order I am highly interested is in the Shriners. :)
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    It is a beautiful ring.
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    Nice looking ring! I agree that, as an MM, you can safely wear this ring.
    I highly recommend the York Rite. It has the most beautiful rituals in Masonry in my opinion and the things that you learn tie in directly with the Blue Lodge degrees. I really like the Scottish Rite but I love the York Rite.
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