A Talk With John “Coach” Nagy

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  1. Brother John “Coach” Nagy recently sat down with Phoenixmasonry Live and talked about his Masonic mission of informing members of the Craft about its history, origins and how to learn more about the Society to which they belong. It was a session where even greater Light was transmitted to all the Brethren.

    Each and every time I talk with Coach Nagy I never fail to learn something new. His research is thorough and far reaching into History, Religion, Masonry, Archaeology, Semantics and Etymology. He has a unique ability to bring all these fields of study together into one coherent whole, thus enabling him to relate to his readers the meaning of the symbolism, origin, sources, and meaning of our great Fraternity.

    His book “The Craft Unmasked” is a seminal work that breaks new ground in the understanding of the origins of Freemasonry. That book has been reviewed on Freemason Information and can be viewed HERE.

    The Beehive has always admired multi-talented Masons who are experts in many different fields. We can learn so much from such people. And if you follow Coach Nagy he will be your Socrates, asking you one question after another until you “learn how to learn.”

    I hope you will enjoy the video above and that it will offer you new insight into Masonry.

    Original article: A Talk With John “Coach” Nagy.

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    @coachn wow Bro. Nagy, big kudos there. Congrats!
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    I do know that coachn is a man of sharp wit....he cracks me up!
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    I suddenly had a day on my hands today.... wow.. what to do with it... I ended up spending about an hour listening to Coach by watching the above at

    If you read Coach here, you'll probably know most of what he says... but I knew he was a lodge organist.. but not that he played the whistle... and I always suspected, due to is love of manipulating graphics, that his hair was grayer than his avatar, it kinda had to be :)

    The only down side was Fred was kinda asking Dorothy Dixers (explained here because its an Australianism).... but I enjoyed it Fred and Coach
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