A true Mystery of Craft!

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    I moved down here in Spring of 2010 and discovered that I had left the land of plentiful pork with generously cut slabs of ribs (Indiana) and entered the land of over-trimmed pork but pulchtritudinous, whole brisket. Since that time I have attempted to gain proficiency in smoking this beast. So far, I have either one of two results: Not enough magic, so the brisket is tough or too much smoke, so the brisket won't be touched by any but the crustiest of individuals. I have a basic side-box drum-shaped smoker.

    So, gentlemen who I hope to call brothers, what is the Craft Mystery of the Brisket?
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    Not sure about everyone else, but I've always use a marinade with mine and have even injected it with different types of marinade. Wrapped it foil and put it on the pit for a good slow cook.
    Good luck and enjoy!!

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