A very sad week for us, Anthem No. 1

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    I have lost brothers in two days. When I was a child and attended my grandfathers masonic funeral service, a brother in the lodge conducting the service recited this poem which I found again a few months ago. It was written by Albert Pike to commemerate brothers lost in the Civil War. It seems fitting at this time.

    Anthem No. 1

    Among the dead our Brothers sleep,
    Their lives were rounded true and well;
    And Love in bitter sorrow weeps
    Above their dark and silent cell.

    No pain, no anxious sleepless Fear
    Invades their house; no mortal woes
    Their narrow resting-place come near,
    To trouble their serene repose.

    Their names are graven on the stones
    That friendship's tears will often wet;
    But each true Brother's heart upon
    That name is stamped more deeply yet.

    As Hiram slept, the widow's son,
    So do our Brothers take their rest;
    Life's battle fought, Life's duties done,
    Their faults forgot, their worth confessed.

    So let them sleep that dreamless sleep,
    Our sorrows clustering round each head;
    Be comforted, ye loved, who weep!
    They live with God; they are not dead.
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    That is a wonderful poem. Thank you for the post.
  3. Jon D. Smith

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    A very moving poem indeed. I have not progressed in my readings very far towards Albert Pike's works. What little I have caught here and there, are very deep and moving.

    Our prayer's go out to you and yours this night.
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    thank you for sharing...thoughts and prayers with you.

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