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    Dear brothers, I'm actually a medical student in a University teaching hospital studying medicine and surgery,Lagos Nigeria. Before I became a medical student in I taught in a secondary school for two years and made some savings that I kicked started with fast-forward to 2 and half years now things become increasingly difficult as I could not meet the monetary requirement of the school and the way medical school is restructured in Nigeria it is very difficult to combine it with works so I decided to run a check on my phone on funding and finds out the philanthropic natures of the masons and I decided to Join this forum not only to be guided on how to become a member but also to know if i will be a beneficiary of the great works of the members of this organization to continue with my aspirations of becoming a medical doctor and helping humanities.
    I will be willing to provide every single documents of my studentship if required. I can also provide my phone if anyone wish to talk to me privately.
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    I hate to be short and to the point quickly...

    The quest and interest to join our Fraternity for the sole purpose of self benefit completely defeats the purpose of our organization. We are not a bank or loan company.
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    Well said and to the point.
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    And we promise to specifically reject any candidate who has mercenary motives. Asking for money is the most obvious of mercenary motives. Automatic permanent rejection by any Brother who ever encounters this discussion.
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    Unless you are a Mason, don’t use the term brother - very misleading- that title is earned not assumed!

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