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    With all the elections and brothers assuming elected and appointed roles for the first time, I wanted to track down a complete accurate list of lodge officer duties for both appointed and elected positions for the Grand jurisdiction of Texas. I have found much of the same regurgitated descriptions around the web, but nothing that seems accurate.

    The best I’ve found so far is at but even the description for the Marshal describes his position as being responsible for introducing visitors to the lodge which I thought was a the Senior Deacon’s responsibility.

    So, does anyone have some sort of finite document from the committee on work they could post which describes the roles of these positions?
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    It is slightly different for each lodge. Duties can be added by both by-laws and by tradition. There is a generic set in the law book, but I would check the lodge's by-laws for the actual duties.
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    I've always considered "Our Stations and Places" to be an excellent guide, but it (like most others) is not Texas-specific. Brother Michael Poll's Cornerstone Publishers has the book on their website. I'm honestly considering buying a stack of these books and giving the newest person in the line a copy.

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