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After the lockdown


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Belgium, like a few other countries in Europe, has updated the lockdown rules with a new set of more relaxed but in fact far more complex rules.

For instance, during the lockdown restaurant and cafés were closed. That was it.

Now, they can open, but even if you cannot read Dutch you can see in the page below (from a booklet of 29 pages) that there is a large number of rules and guidelines, that makes it difficult to operate a restaurant. It is certainly not business as usual.

Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 11.58.58pm.jpg

In our B&B Hotel we're preparing to open on 1 July and are creating extensive procedures, policies, documentation for guests, etc as well as purchasing necessary devices like a temperature gun and no-touch hand disinfectant pump to implement the new rules.

Just to make an example, when we open the door to welcome a new guest, we have to measure their temperature with a temperature gun. If they have a temperature, we must not allow them to walk in, but give them the details to go to the Covid reception at the local hospital.

Here's my question.

At some date in the hopefully near future, our lodges will also be allowed to re-open. However it's very likely that it won't be business as usual. We will probably receive a set of rules and guidelines that we have to observe.

And for each and every one of them, it is necessary for someone to redact a procedure, that details how we're going to do what we're going to do, what we cannot do, etc.

Who would do that in a lodge? Is there a particular officer that has this type of duties?

And who would make sure that these rules are observed? Who would escort a misbehaving brother out?

I'm often called a pessimist, although I regard myself as a realist, and I see a lot of problems to make this work in a lodge, where some brothers may tend to be a stick in the mud when it comes to change dinner time, never mind observing new rules and guidelines.

I'm looking forward to hearing your view on this subject.