Albert Pike

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  1. Blake Bowden

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    Crazy or Genius...and why?
  2. ragged tiger

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    Seeing that Pike was an attorney, military general, gifted poet, & writer,--I'll say genius. The intellectual strength it takes to compile something like Morals and Dogma is just mind-boggling.

    Anybody that talented has to be a little eclectic, right?
  3. jonesvilletexas

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    I would ask that you read the life story about Albert Pike; you may find some interesting things about him that will amaze you!
  4. "That which you do for yourself alone dies with you. That which we do for the world and humanity is immortal." - Ill. Albert Pike

    I rest my case.

    As an interesting aside, the Fidelity Lodge of Perfection of the Austin Scottish Rite Bodies was Chartered by Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike
  5. Curtis Wilson

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    There are arguments that can be made for both.

    I believe he was a devoted Mason. When Pike re-wrote the degrees for the Scottish Rite, I read that Pike had taken some of the Degrees from the York Rite degrees and created a controversy by using them.

    There are also some of the writings of Pike that are often quoted by Religions such as the Catholics that support the Masons as being a Religion in and of itself. simply the use of Dogma, a term usually associated to doctrines belonging to a religion and the references of Pike as to how Masonry should be followed.

    Genius, I'd say so in just the work he entered upon to help bring up the Scottish Rite to a major Masonic Body.
  6. Wingnut

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    Most of the things that are used against us today had a different meaning when they were written. Considering he had no formal eduction his breadth of knowledge is amazing!

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