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An awesome EA Degree last night


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So we had a candidate for the degrees in Masonry last night whose father is a Mason and presented the coin. While that, in itself is not unusual, what made this Degree special for me personally is that I got to confer the Degree and bring the 4th generation of this Masonic Family into the Craft. We had a lot of visitors for this Degree, including the Divan of the local Shrine Temple, a District Deputy Grand Master, a Past Potentate of the Shrine, and a member of the Committee on Work for the Grand Lodge of Texas. The candidates father presented the coin, which was a silver dollar that his father presented to him when he was initiated. The apron was also from his father, and is the apron that he was given when he was raised. His father was also wearing the apron of the Candidates great grandfather, who was initiated in 1909.

This wonderful experience was the best attended Degree I have seen up to this point, and also the best one I have had the pleasure of being on the Degree team for.

Just thought I would share.


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That is so beautiful... next week, in our lodge, a man will be initiated who became interested in Masonry after his son became a Mason with positive results. Regardless of whether the Craft is handed from father to son or vice versa it is a wonderful thing.