Annual Lodge Inspections - Is there a "template?"

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    Hello Brothers,
    I am a SW in the state of Ohio, and have a question. Does anyone know of or have access to a generic outline of the flow of an annual inspection, an agenda or flow-chart if you will, other than the DDGM's who do the inspections? My year in the East is 2015 and I would like to begin my education for that honor as well as my planning. I appreciate any information or thoughts on this.
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    Re: Annual Lodge Inspections - Is there a "templat

    The years I was in the east in two different jurisdictions the Deputy came with an agenda that was supplied by the GL. You can ask your current Deputy for a copy in advance as it's unlikely to change. I take it you're in the west this year so you should attend the audit. You'll be able to copy it this year to be ready for next year.

    The audit should include an inspection of the financial books including a signed report by the audit committee, plus a summary of degree work for the previous year and mention of other lodge activities. The opening and closing ceremonies are observed by the Deputy and/or a ritual instructor to ensure minimal ritual proficiency by the officer corps. That's what I experienced in two jurisdictions with differing details. Other items included by other jurisdictions would be interesting.

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