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Another "chapter" in my Chapter.

Keith C

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I received a phone call last night from the King in my Royal Arch Chapter. He is preparing for his year as Most Excellent High Priest next year and just found out that the Companion who was slated to run for Scribe for next year (and is currently the Worshipful Master of our Blue Lodge,) decided he could not commit to the office.

I never seem to be able to say "no" to Masonic requests, so, it looks like I will be Scribe in my Chapter next year, along with being Worshipful Master of my Blue Lodge.

This "one night a month" thing sure seems like it expanded quite a bit!


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Congratulations Companion! I envy you this experience. I am the current Excellent High Priest in my Chapter of Royal Arch Masons and am having a great time! The Chapter is my favorite part of the York Rite.


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Interesting... "King" ? Here we have a "First Principal"...

Well done on supporting your Chapter.

Matt L

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Congratulations, I have the same issue.


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Last night I was installed as Scribe of Holy Royal Arch, Lansdale Chapter 301. I am looking forward to a great year of Capitular Masonry!
Congratulations Companion! I love all of the York Rite but the Chapter of Royal Arch Masons is my favorite. I hope that you have a great year!