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    Greetings from Germany,

    Less than a month ago I was initiated in the Royal Art. From the first contact with the lodge until my initiation took roughly one year. Even if the initiation is an event hard to forget, some of us may forget WHEN did it happen exactly. In my case I managed to get everything organized to coincide with my 47th birthday! So, unless I become one day senile I will always remember the day!

    My lodge is one of the few in Germany which conducts its ritual after Schröder (so far I understood that the ritual is a bit simplified compared to others).

    I am really impatient to learn a lot about the craft, but my mentor (who happens to be the WM as well) always tries to slow me down and says that I will be a mason my entire life and will therefore have enough time to learn about everything. No need to rush things!
  2. Bro. Stewart P.M.

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    Congratulations & Welcome!
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    Congratulations and enjoy the journey.
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    Welcome to the fraternity. I have found that some lessons come slowly no matter hard I try to speed them up. Part of the beauty of a sunrise is how slowly it reveals itself.

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