Anyone seen this movie?

Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by Blake Bowden, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Blake Bowden

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  2. Texas_Justice85

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    I heard the same thing from my mentor, havent seen it yet
  3. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

    yep. lots of it.

    also, we watched this movie at family fun night back in september.
  4. cmoreno85tx

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    Rudyard Kippling was a Mason.
  5. RJS

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    I didn't know he wrote The Jungle Book. That was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. I'll have to read the book when I get a chance.
  6. TCShelton

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    I have that one in my collection. It is pretty entertaining.
  7. rhitland

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    that is stuffed full of references from what I hear but have not got around to it.
    I read a kids version of the Jungle book to my kid and it amazed me a the innuendos to Masonry
  8. Nate C.

    Nate C. Registered User

    by Bro. Rudyard Kipling

    There was Rundle, Station Master,
    An' Beazeley of the Rail,
    An' 'Ackman, Commissariat,
    An' Donkin' o' the Jail;
    An' Blake, Conductor-Sargent,
    Our Master twice was 'e,
    With 'im that kept the Europe-shop,
    Old Framjee Eduljee.

    Outside -- "Sergeant! Sir! Salute! Salaam!"
    Inside -- "Brother", an' it doesn't do no 'arm.
    We met upon the Level an' we parted on the Square,
    An' I was Junior Deacon in my Mother-Lodge out there!

    We'd Bola Nath, Accountant,
    An' Saul the Aden Jew,
    An' Din Mohammed, draughtsman
    Of the Survey Office too;
    There was Babu Chuckerbutty,
    An' Amir Singh the Sikh,
    An' Castro from the fittin'-sheds,
    The Roman Catholick!

    We 'adn't good regalia,
    An' our Lodge was old an' bare,
    But we knew the Ancient Landmarks,
    An' we kep' 'em to a hair;
    An' lookin' on it backwards
    It often strikes me thus,
    There ain't such things as infidels,
    Excep', per'aps, it's us.

    For monthly, after Labour,
    We'd all sit down and smoke
    (We dursn't give no banquits,
    Lest a Brother's caste were broke),
    An' man on man got talkin'
    Religion an' the rest,
    An' every man comparin'
    Of the God 'e knew the best.

    So man on man got talkin',
    An' not a Brother stirred
    Till mornin' waked the parrots
    An' that dam' brain-fever-bird;
    We'd say 'twas 'ighly curious,
    An' we'd all ride 'ome to bed,
    With Mo'ammed, God, an' Shiva
    Changin' pickets in our 'ead.

    Full oft on Guv'ment service
    This rovin' foot 'ath pressed,
    An' bore fraternal greetin's
    To the Lodges east an' west,
    Accordin' as commanded
    From Kohat to Singapore,
    But I wish that I might see them
    In my Mother-Lodge once more!

    I wish that I might see them,
    My Brethren black an' brown,
    With the trichies smellin' pleasant
    An' the hog-darn passin' down; [Cigar-lighter.]
    An' the old khansamah snorin' [Butler.]
    On the bottle-khana floor,[Pantry.]
    Like a Master in good standing
    With my Mother-Lodge once more!

    Outside -- "Sergeant! Sir! Salute! Salaam!"
    Inside -- "Brother", an' it doesn't do no 'arm.
    We met upon the Level an' we parted on the Square,
    An' I was Junior Deacon in my Mother-Lodge out there!
  9. Nate C.

    Nate C. Registered User

    The Banquet Night
    by Bro. Rudyard Kipling

    "ONCE in so often," King Solomon said,
    Watching his quarrymen drill the stone,
    "We will club our garlic and wine and bread
    And banquet together beneath my Throne,
    And all the Brethren shall come to that mess
    As Fellow-Craftsmen-no more and no less."
    "Send a swift shallop to Hiram of Tyre,
    Felling and floating our beautiful trees,

    Say that the Brethren and I desire
    Talk with our Brethren who use the seas.
    And we shall be happy to meet them at mess
    As Fellow-Craftsmen-no more and no less."
    "Carry this message to Hiram Abif-
    Excellent master of forge and mine :-
    I and the Brethren would like it if
    He and the Brethren will come to dine
    (Garments from Bozrah or morning-dress)

    As Fellow-Craftsmen-no more and no less."
    "God gave the Hyssop and Cedar their place-
    Also the Bramble, the Fig and the Thorn-
    But that is no reason to black a man's face
    Because he is not what he hasn't been born.
    And, as touching the Temple, I hold and profess
    We are Fellow-Craftsmen-no more and no less."
    So it was ordered and so it was done,

    And the hewers of wood and the Masons of Mark,
    With foc'sle hands of Sidon run
    And Navy Lords from the Royal Ark,
    Came and sat down and were merry at mess
    As Fellow-Craftsmen-no more and no less.
    The Quarries are hotter than Hiram's forge,
    No one is safe from the dog-whip's reach.
    It's mostly snowing up Lebanon gorge,

    And it's always blowing off Joppa beach;
    But once in so often, the messenger brings
    Solomon's mandate : "Forget these things!
    Brother to Beggars and Fellow to Kings,
    Companion of Princes-forget these things!
    Fellow-Craftsmen, forget these things!"

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