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Discussion in 'History and Research' started by William Beals, Oct 21, 2020.

  1. William Beals

    William Beals Registered User

    Now I have visited many different Masonic forums for quite a while now and asked some pretty goofy sh*t in the past but as of this moment I have one question that I would ask any and all Freemasons regardless of their religious beliefs.

    In your honest opinion do you believe that there can be modern day prophets?
  2. jermy Bell

    jermy Bell Registered User

    No. I'm Roman catholic (non practicing ) but I'm not fond of modern day saints either.
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  3. Glen Cook

    Glen Cook G A Cook Site Benefactor

    Yes, I do, but how is that relevant to Freemasonry?
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  4. Winter

    Winter Premium Member

    I agree with Brother Glen. Relate this to Freemasonry and you may get more responses.
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  5. JamestheJust

    JamestheJust Registered User

    Most spiritual organizations do not like modern revelation. It damages loyalty to the founder/figurehead/principles of the organization or movement.

    Such organizations and movements struggle to renew themselves.
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  6. William Beals

    William Beals Registered User

    I'd like to recall Washington and his visions from Valley Forge(tur or not). If at all true could this be considered a prophesy?

    To further explore I would cast my thoughts in the direction of biblical characters being Masonic figures from the past who were given instructions from a heavenly source to generation after generation on how best to carry on the human race. So I could go into detail as to how I could connect it further into masonry, though I was hoping to leave this question as vague and open as possible to gather any and all responses from as many individuals who would respond of their own choice masonic or non.
  7. Elexir

    Elexir Registered User

    Im gonna leave George Washington out of it, he is irrelevant to a non-american.

    Actully the biblical figures in masonry are nothing but metaphors/allegory. They serve a purpose to convay certain ideas that the ritual designers wanted to present.

    Look further then the name of the person but rather see in wich context he is acting.

    It should also be noted that rituals differ and while some rituals look the same in some places there could be a huge diffrence or there might just be a diffrence in details. This has to do with diffrent ideas that influenced diffrent ritual creators.

    One of the biggest diffrences is that sometimes a belife in a higher being is requierd, sometimes its a specific being and sometimes no belife is needed.
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