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    Hello Everyone,

    My family has a log history of Free mason (father and Grandfather), and so I decided it was time to become one myself.

    A few months ago a friend invited me to the hill city lodge 456, but now I am wondering about the other lodges in town. I am not a shy person, but would rather make a connections before I just "Show up" for dinner one night.

    Any one connected with lodges around Central Austin, I would enjoy hearing about the culture at the other lodges. I live and work in North Austin, 183 and mopac area, so if I am going to be active, I need to be realistic and join a lodge on this side of town.

    Thanks- Mark
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  2. Dave in Waco

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    Mark, you may try looking the lodges up in your area of Austin on the Grand Lodge of Texas website under the Lodge Locator. From there it should give you some contact info for the individual lodges. Give them a call or an email, and I am sure they will be happy to meet and talk with you.
  3. Bro Mike

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    If you are ever out on the N side of town, come visit us at Round Rock 227. Lots of good stuff going on out there. In fact, we are having a meal at 6:30 tomorrow (Tues) night. Come on out!
  4. Beathard

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    My favorite lodges around Austin are Austin 12 (my parent lodge) and Norton Moses in Leander. Austin is a city lodge and Norton Moses has a country feel. Visit several. Eat the meal before the meeting. Get to know some brothers before deciding. They are all different.
  5. tomasball

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    There are several lodges that meet at the York Rite building on Seventh Street. Each has a unique character.
  6. mmw68

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    Thanks Ya'll.
    I unable to do any lodge that meets on Monday nights due to being active in my son's boy scout troop, so I think Lodge 12 might not work. I've sent e-mails to the other lodges, hopefully someone will get back to me.

    Thanks - Mark

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