Back in July: Historical Preservation Committee Lunch Lecture at the Lodge

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    We hosted the HPC Lunch Lecture at the Lodge last month. I (with the help of a couple others) organized the cooking of the meal and overall program. We had a speaker (Pete Normand) discuss the history of Masonry and how it pertains to Texas A&M (they are entwined).

    Overall, it went really well. Around 100 people learned about masonry... most going from the "we can come in your building?!?" to "that's really interesting" stage of knowing about masonry.

    At first when I started looking for helpers I got worried, but I ended up getting the help of Roy, Ben, and Bob who cut veggies, cooked beans, and managed parking respectively.

    Most communities have some sort of historic society or preservation committee of some sort, and would love it. I'm a member of College Station's HPC so it made it a bit easier for me.

    By getting the vegetables/stuff at Sam's. I had 1/4 lb hamburgers from a local meat market cut up for us in a box, so they just needed to be cooked. Asking for 5 dollar donations made around 100 dollars for the lodge, but the whole point was to get the word out, and it worked really well. We have people wanting to come back and do research in our library, spend time reading, etc.

    I don't really have any pictures of the crowd as we didn't have a picture taker, but these are what we have.

    July Camera 005.jpg July Camera 006.jpg July Camera 007.jpg July Camera 009.jpg
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    A great idea indeed. I think functions like this help to break down the wrongly held belief that we are some elitist secret society bent on world dominiation or satanic worship. Most people don't realize just how intertwined Masons are with not only the history of the country, but also the history of the state. But a great way to raise public awareness of us while they learn a little history.

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