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  1. webstermason

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    How would someone off the street become a Mason, if he knew no one that was a Mason. I know you can download an application from the GL website, but who would sign it? I had a person ask me about becoming a Mason, but if he had to drive 50 miles each way to go to a lodge, he might have reservations. I am not sure how to assist him.
  2. js4253

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    Where is this gentleman located?
  3. webstermason

    webstermason Registered User

    I think he said near Tomball, while I was raised in Hitchcock. Not exactly a trip to the store.
  4. cemab4y

    cemab4y Premium Member

    This happens often. I connected with a man down in McAllen. I told him to find the lodge, and ask for a petition from the secretary. The lodge secretary found a sponsor for him, and he took the EA last week.

    It can be intimidating and confusing, for a person, who knows no masons, to approach a lodge. That is why the internet is part of the solution to turning Freemasonry around.
  5. webstermason

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    If I see him again, I'll try and find a Lodge for him close to his home. I do like the GL site for it's Lodge finder. Thanks!
  6. Nate Riley

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    If he lives near Tomball, there are numerous lodges that are within 50 miles and probably one with 10.

    He needs to find the closest one to him and make an effort to get to know some of the brothers in that lodge.
  7. Bill Lins

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    Whenever I meet or hear from somebody like this, I either (if he is in our area) invite him to come & eat with us before Lodge, or (if he's not near us) get his contact information & give it to the Secretary of a Lodge near him.
  8. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    This is why the GL website needs an update in order to provide all the information and resources needed by a possible petitioner.
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  9. owls84

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    We have "unknown" people from our website all the time contact us. I think they should be treated just as anyone else. I think they should make an effort to come to the lodge on several occasions for several reasons. To show they are committed, to learn if this is what they want to do, and to meet the brethren and become comfortable with them. I think at that point getting signatures would not be a problem.

    Brother Blake gave us a great idea on our website. When we were building our "Contact Us" page we were not sure whether wanted to put a petition on their or a form they fill out and let us answer their questions. He suggested that if we put a petition that it may be too overwhelming or discouraging so we should put a contact us form with their information and it has been great. They come up to the Lodge take a tour and we answer any questions. If they ask for a petition then great but no one signs it until they have made an impression or have gotten to know us. How can you expect someone to show up after they get their degrees unless they show up before?
  10. Wingnut

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    I figured it out... I didnt know any Masons (or I should say I didnt know I knew any). I found a few lodges, emailed all of them. The one that emailed me back (only one out of about 12 btw) I went to visit and asked for a petition...
  11. dhouseholder

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    And it also how the last 10 or so joined our lodge. I couldn't imagine growth without our website.

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