Behold a Pale Horse

Discussion in 'Arts and Entertainment' started by Michael Neumann, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Michael Neumann

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  2. widows son

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    Conspiracy theorist William Cooper wrote a book called "Behold a pale horse", is there any relation to the video?
  3. Michael Neumann

    Michael Neumann Premium Member

    I could not tell you as I have never read the book and cannot seem to get the derned video to play on this superb net. I can tell you from the title that Charlie Daniels puts this one on.
  4. widows son

    widows son Premium Member

    Gotcha. Ill check it out.
  5. widows son

    widows son Premium Member

    Ok so I checked it out. A plagiarism of William Coopers work, right down to the name. The tone is the same. The political view point is the same and the solutions as conclusions are the same as Bill Coopers'. The only difference is that they are applying his ideas to today. In fact William Cooper despised Alex Jones. He considered him a fear monger, due to false claims he made during the Y2K.
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  7. Michael Neumann

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    I never read the initial book, only heard of it and that it had some anti masonic content so I never paid it much mind. The video only drew my attention because of Charlie Daniels and the fact that our government seems to have lost its d*mn mind. Cooper does have a point about Alex Jones... evertime I read an article on Info Wars I get mad as hell so I stopped going on the site. The Main stream Media ignores real stories like:

    - IRS Targets (Nixon was impeached for this but the Peoples Dictator and his government get a pass)
    - NSA Spy (Bush was ripped in the media for just monitoring select calls but again the Peoples Dictator and his government get a pass)
    - Suspension of Law (only King George did this... oh and now the Peoples Dictator and his government has)
    - Signs deal for 15,000 Russian Troops to protect Washington D.C.
    - Signs order cutting all US communications in an emergency
    - NSA inserts code into ALL Android OS
    - On and On and ON

    The Media only covers Paula Dean and GZ... great job!

    It has reached the point that I can only use Google to search because the articles on Yahoo piss me off, no longer read the news paper, only spend 5-10min a day on Facebook because my news feed upsets me, NEVER sit next to the television if the news is on, and try to avoid any internet sites with news feeds. This site is one of the few sites I can visit and even then I randomly stumble across a threads that I have to consciously withdraw from.

    When I do find myself pulled into a conversation about current events I generally try to dig in and get all the facts rather than the crap the media feeds us. If we just use the information the media feeds us then we are basing our opinion on someone elses opinion because lets be perfectly honest, the media no longer reports the facts, they report poplular opinion.

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